Política y Mercado

Carlos Rodríguez Braun

Beatriz Talegón, secretaria general de la Unión Internacional de Jóvenes Socialistas, publicó en El Plural un interesante artículo titulado “Deslegitimar la política es la política de mercado”. Denuncia una siniestra campaña de “deslegitimación de la democracia” y advierte:
¿Qué pasaría si nadie participase en política?

Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the Economy

Peter G. Klein
8 de abril de 2014

Author of The Capitalist and the Entrepreneur, Peter Klein has published numerous books and articles on entrepreneurship from an Austrian perspective. Dr. Klein, who is executive director and Carl Menger Research fellow at the Mises Institute, was interviewed in late 2013 by eTalk’s Niaz Uddin on the topic of entrepreneurship:

Population Control Non Sense

30 Noviembre de 2011

According to an American Dream article, “Al Gore, Agenda 21 and Population Control,” there are too many of us and it has a negative impact on the earth. Here’s what the United Nations Population Fund said in its annual State of the World Population Report for 2009, “Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate”

Economic Progress and the Primacy of the Individual

Members of an Austrian School of economics forum to which I belong have been discussing the source of economic progress. It began with the usual elements of capital, technological development, and managerial expertise before getting more philosophical when a member suggested the acceptance of rationality in all things. I felt this was not a proper […]